Dee joins Me and JohnA triangle

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Dee joins Me and JohnA triangle

John stayed the night and we shared a bed for the second time,we didn't sleep a lot I blew him, he blew Me ,once again before we dozed I found myself balls deep in that tight ,dark tunnel of Johns arse filling it with spunk that dribbled out down his downy haired crack to soak the dark hairs round his balls.
It was around 10am when we awoke,the bedside phone forming our alarm,I dozily
rolled over and picked up the handset.
" Hello,its Dee Im on my way home .I should be there in about Twenty minutes!"
I nudged john awake,"Dees on her way! Out of bed .She musn`t find us here,move your stuff to the spare room ."
I hurridly dressed, John mumbled he was going to have a shower ,so it left me to put his clothes in the bedroom.
Twenty minutes goes fast when you don't want it to and so Dee came home with john in the shower,me in the spare bed room and no time to tell her he was there!!
She ran up the stairs ,took her clothes off and as I left the spare bedroom she stepped naked into the bath room and pulled open the shower curtain!
" Hello" said John " fancy a rub down?"
"What the ..! Dees voice froze as she looked at this naked hunk ,all soaped up ,his long penis showing signs of life at this naked woman in front of him.
"Go on if you want! I wont mind" I said as I watched through the open door,hoping she would`nt refuse.
With a huge smile on her face she stepped in and pulled the curtain closed.

The hot water splashed on her 36 d boobs, running down them to her rapidly hardening nipples,as John gently rubbed his warm soapy hands down her sides,swirling the soap down and round to her cheeky bum,a cheeky hand full of fun ,I called it and now John could feel why,as he slowly,gently,rubed his soapy fingers up and down her bumcrack,she pushed his hands round to her bald fanny and pushed two
fingers into her moist dripping hole using her spare hand to stroke his firm ,sliding his foreskin back and forth over his taught cockhead
" Can I lick you"John wisperd hoarsly,Dee just nodded,john bent to his xnxxv sunny leone video knees forcing Dee to reluctantly release his penis but was rewarded by a warm,soft tonge probing deep into her fanny lapping firmly against her clit causing Her to pull his head firmly against her .
"Woa , a man could drown that way.Lets get out of here!With that he pulled her from the shower and turned her toward him and lifted her off the floor,she guided his rock hard cock to her dripping, moist fanny and swung her legs round his waist and was carried impailed on his dick into the bed room.
I watched from the spare bed room door as the made their short journey,my heart pounding with excitement at the site of real forced anal against her will my wife and our new playmate naked together ,Dees audible pleasure being unmistakable,I undressed and crept across the landing and stood at the door as John laid her on the bed,her legs crossed behind his back ,as he thrust that downy,cheeky bubble butt of his up and down in a smooth rhythm,his balls bunched tightly at his cock base,Dinah squealing loudly as she came at least 3 times,Johns pace quickend his breathing became short and sharp,his butt cheeks started to clench,he paused, mouthed "Oh god" he thrust once more,froze , then his butt cheeks clenched, with each clench he jerked, Dee squeald and after 3 or 4 jerks John collapsed on top of her,She unwrapped her legs, he rolled off of her an laid by her side as she laid face up, her legs now spread revealing a glistening globule of spunk oozing from her well fucked fanny